We host weekly club nights every Tuesday 18–21 and Saturday 15–19. The doors are open until the last key-carrying member leaves the premises, which is often after midnight. Questions are best answered on our IRC-channel on Freenode, #hacklab.jkl or on our Telegram group.

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Our lab space is located at Emännäntie 10 O, basement.

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Data päivittyy minuutin välein, päivitä nyt. Haluatko itsesi näkyviin tähän? Liity hacklabin wifiin ja rekisteröi nickisi.

Hacklab entrance at the O building
Hacklab entrance at the O building

There are no parking slots on the yard but there’s some space next to Kortepohja shopping center, near Auvilankuja and next to Kartanonkuja.

Kartta Kortepohjan ostoskeskuksen, Auvilankujan ja Kartanonkujan pysäköintipaikoista
Parking near Hacklab

If you have any trouble getting there, please call our lab phone: +358 41 807 9416.

We have plenty of tools and materials available for use.

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