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By Milla Koivuniemi Club nights

Hacklab has resided in its current space in the Kortepohja O building for a little over a year now. The space is developing constantly, but a lot has been done already. Here is a little glimpse at the current state and future of the space.

Hangout space

Hangout space is a lounge-type room where members can for example code, play videogames, just chillax on the sofa, or read books. The space can also be used for 3D printing or tinkering with electronics. The hangout space has 3D printers, a Teklab table, radio amateur corner, lots of table space and chairs, screens of all kinds, and a bookshelf with a variety of books.


TV corner


Workshop is used mainly for woodwork. The set of tools includes e.g. a bench saw, planer thicknesser, drill press, bench grinder, bandsaw, wood-turning lathe, mitre saw, and a CNC router. Handheld tools include for example a drill, table saw, top miller, belt sander, flat sander, angle grinder, air compressor, electric plane, and a warm-air heater.

The workshop also has a storage where members of Hacklab can keep their own things.





The current space has a kitchen, which a significant improvement compared to the previous space. The fridge is stocked with refreshments to buy and there is pizza in the freezer that can be heated in the oven. There are cups, plates, and other utensils in the cupboard as well as a pot and a pan. Coffee and tea can be made with the coffee maker and kettle. Additionally, there is an amazing Jurassic Park flipper standing in the corner of the kitchen! In the future, some kitchen facelift may be done, such as renewing the cupboards.


Coming soon…

The rooms in the space can be developed in any direction that our members need. As of the start of this year, we have rented more space: two locker rooms with showers and a sauna. The sauna is under renovation, meaning that we might have our own sauna soon! This would allow us to heat the sauna e.g. on Saturday evenings. One of the locker rooms could for example be used for paintwork and/or for playing virtual reality games.

We want to develop our club space according to the wishes and needs of Hacklab members, which is why we warmly welcome all ideas related to the use of our club space from you!


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