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    Expenses for running Hacklab Jyväskylä including the rent is covered with monthly membership fees. There are two membership categories.

    Basic membership fee is 10€/mo which grants access to the premises during club evenings and allows you to store your stuff at Hacklab. Another category is keyholder membership which grants you access to the premises 24/7. Keyholder membership fee is 20€/mo.

    If your financial situation is challenging you are allowed to apply for 5€/mo discount (basic membership 5€/mo, keyholder membership 15€/mo) during the following 12 months. After that the fee reverts back to normal unless you apply for an extension. Discounted membership grants you the same privileges as the basic membership. We ask you to fill extra information to explain your financial situation if you apply for a discount.

    You can come and peek the atmosphere in our Hacklab during club evenings.

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    Discounted membership 5€/moBasic membership 10€/moDiscounted keyholder membership 15€/moKeyholder membership 20€/mo

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