Friday Night Pauper – Magic: The Gathering for the budget concious


By Brage Aarset Club nights event Yleinen

An assortment of magic cards

Starting tomorrow, we will host a Magic The Gathering evening at the Hacklab every friday. Beginners are very welcome!

Magic: The Gathering is a fantasy collectible card game with a rich history dating back to the early 90s. It’s a game of strategy, mind games, probability and just plain fun.

Pauper is a way to play Magic where only cards of the lowest rarity (common) are permitted, which means that the cards are far cheaper than the cards used in most conventional Magic decks. A decent Pauper deck can be acquired for as little as 20 euros, but even so there is a large variety of strategies you can employ even if you can’t play the flashiest cards.

We have plenty of decks available to lend out, so you don’t have to worry about getting your own cards if you want to play Magic.

We will also occasionally be playing booster draft, cube draft or battle box where players don’t play with a deck of their own choosing, but have to mold their strategy on the fly from a limited set of cards. It’s the ultimate level playing field where the size of your wallet has no bearing on the outcome of the game.

We’ll get started around 19:00 every friday.

If nobody is available to host and we need to cancel the event some day we will inform about it in the Hacklab Matrix channel and in the Magic Jyväskylä discord.


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